Aggie Author Q&A with Brooke Fossey and Lauren Allbright

Howdy, Ags!
We have the pleasure of interviewing not just one Aggie author, but two! Brooke and Lauren, both traditionally published authors, reached out to us so they could share their experience. What's even more amazing is that their friendship is proof that the Aggie Network continues to bring Aggies, who never met previously, together to form the strong bond that makes us who we are. Here is Brooke's personal account:

"Lauren and I are both proud Aggies whose paths should’ve crossed on campus, but that didn’t happen until we landed in the same neighborhood in Richardson, Texas. Besides our common bond as Aggies, we soon discovered that we both loved to write, and we've been each other’s constant champions ever since. Over the past eight years, we’ve supported each other during our failures (rejections, shelved books, etc.), but more importantly, we’ve celebrated our successes together. Recently, for both of us, that’s meant landing big New York literary agents an…

To Teach or Not to Teach?

To teach or not to teach? That was the question for the loudest and proudest member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of 2019, Rebeca Garcia. From Roma, Texas to becoming an english major at what is considered the best university in existence to teaching English 285: Young Adult Literature in Film as an undergraduate student, Garcia chose to better prepare for her future by choosing the teaching route this semester. Here's how it's going so far. 
1. What are you teaching this semester?  I am teaching English 285: Young Adult Literature in Film. It is a one hour seminar that meets once a a week on Tuesdays! In this seminar we read novels and talk about the themes they present and how character's are portrayed. After that we watch their film adaptations and talk about how the novel's original themes and character portrayal were changed and whether these changes were positive or negative. Apart from the changes, we also try to focus on how both medium's stand on their…

Interview and 20 Questions with Sci-Fi Author Monica Byrne

Photography by Ashley Salas

In the year of 3015 in the distant planet of Annville, Pennsylvania, a science fiction writer by the name of Monica Byrne resides with a supernatural species, imagining the world 10 years from now. While living her days as a cyborg, she's explored the depths of science as a futurist. I bet you're wondering if you heard right. Yes, a cyborg! She had a tiny magnet implanted into her finger and can now sense electromagnetic fields. Beat that robots!

From a Bachelors of Arts in biochemistry from Wellesley to a Masters in organic chemistry from MIT to now a full-time writer, Byrne explored her love for writing and drama, realizing that, as she put it, she "thought in terms of metaphor and imagery, and not in terms of data." Dreaming of becoming an astronaut and traveling to Mars, in 2014, her first novel The Girl In The Road was published, granting her prestigious awards such as the James Tipree, Jr. Award. Set in the near-future world in which…

Advice From An Intern

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When I thought about interning for a magazine, I'd imagine myself as Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada or Hilary Duff in Beauty and The Briefcase. I thought my life would consist of morning coffee runs and fancy charity galas. Instead what had happened was: being an assistant, conducting interviews with well-known local people, free food and concerts, and the best part: getting published. Yeah, I definitely could live with that. And I did.

Tip #1: Research 
I come from a small city that mainly focuses on the food industry. In my experience, finding a magazine to intern for was challenging but definitely not impossible. The thing was finding the one that fit my writing style. I sent out about five emails to five different magazines. I got one response. One, a popular amongst the people and tourists, DeLaredo Mag. I wondered why people wouldn't want a person working for them for free. Oh well, it happens. Don't get discouraged though! That d…

The Sailing Adventures of Author Stephen O'Shea

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     Left, Captain Taylor Grieger - Right, Stephen O'Shea

Just a couple of days ago, our former English Aggie, Stephen O'Shea, crossed the Panama Canal. He is currently two and a half months in to an expedition to circumnavigate South America with a Navy veteran friend and captain, Taylor Griegor. Inspired by the experiences from men and women who have served, O'Shea also has a book on the market, From the Land of the Genesis. "It's a short story cycle about veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars-namely, their experiences integrating back into civilian life and the struggles they're forced to overcome after returning home," he added. With our greatest communication tool, the most useful wifi, we asked him to share some insights about how personal experience shaped his writing and his adventures out at sea. All aboard!

What inspired the plot? 
O'Shea: I participated in the Glasscock Summer Research Schol…